Xangati Expands Functionality of Free VMware Management Tool

New capabilities streamline management, ensure user satisfaction.

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Xangati has expanded the capabilities and power offered in its free VMware management tool, Xangati for ESX. Xangati for ESX now includes several features from its recently announced Performance Health Engine, a real-time health index that monitors the health of every object within the virtualized infrastructure and a key component of Xangati’s multi-host Xangati Virtual Infrastructure (VI) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Dashboards. With the updated Xangati for ESX, virtualization managers now have an even clearer picture of their VM activity, as well as the ability to fully monitor a single ESX host at no cost.

Xangati for ESX's enhancements gives managers deeper insights into any potential problems within virtualized environments by immediately and visually alerting them to anomalies. Xangati achieves this health alert system by comparing real-time data feeds with established performance profiles for up to 10 VMs running on an ESX host supporting virtualized servers or virtual desktops. Its memory-based architecture allows Xangati to compare this data and identify any performance shifts live and continuously – not through intermittent polling intervals -- giving managers insights for faster troubleshooting. These insights, in turn, provide confidence for the migration of mission-critical applications in the VI and ensure end user satisfaction -- the biggest factor in determining the success of VDI initiatives.

Xangati for ESX includes all of Xangati’s trademark features, including continuous scroll-bar and drill-down user interface (UI) capabilities for dynamic and real-time navigation; visibility into more than 100 metrics on an ESX/ESXi host and its VMs activity; and automated DVR recordings (triggered by VMware alerts) to capture critical events for replay analysis for precision troubleshooting as opposed to sifting through unstructured log files. Xangati for ESX is also deployed in Open Virtualization Format (OVF) to facilitate a faster and easier installation process. Xangati is committed to continue to incorporate capabilities that add value and help accelerate virtualization initiatives.

Available immediately, the updated Xangati for ESX works with VMware 3.5, 4.0 and 4.1 for ESX and ESXi. Xangati has also created an updated installation video and documentation for additional background about the new features in order to enable virtualization managers to begin using and benefiting from the free tool as quickly as possible. To access the installation video and download Xangati for ESX at no cost, visit xangati.com/xangati-for-esx-new-features/.

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