Enterasys Enables Network Device Management Via Social Networks

Helps IT proactively manage network hardware via Twitter, Facebook, SalesForce.com Chatter.

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Enterasys Networks has released isaac, a new approach to controlling connections to IP networks. IT machines will be able to join social networks with the ability to communicate their status to, and receive commands back from, an IT administrator. The technology will allow IT to reduce the time to diagnosis network issues from hours to minutes while raising service reliability and enabling more IT professionals to efficiently administer complex systems in real time. Updates can be made using any mobile device and via familiar interfaces, such as Twitter, Facebook, and SalesForce.com Chatter.

At the convergence of cloud computing, social networking, and mobility, isaac opens up new ways for enterprises to architect their IT organization, automating change processes that were traditionally performed by someone sitting in a network operations center (NOC). Human and machine bi-directional communication is enabled and the messages are presented in natural language, as opposed to complex CLI scripts and syslogs -- all using a social media interface that is increasingly popular for communicating across an enterprise.

“With one sixth of humanity using either Facebook or Twitter, it’s only natural that new use cases would be developed for social networking platforms. By allowing network devices such as routers, switches, and applications to join the social network, IT can use these familiar and accessible interfaces for more efficient, real time interaction and communication, providing automated and predictive responses to network issues,” said Chris Crowell, president and CEO of Enterasys Networks.

Isaac leverages both the popularity and familiarity of today’s social media channels, cloud computing models, and mobile devices to manage complex IT environments without any specialized skill or training, providing the following customer benefits:

  • Lets IT communicate with networked machines via natural language and in their native tongue
  • Enables a social-media-savvy IT workforce to use the medium they’re comfortable with in tackling network issues
  • Enables network devices and assets to initiate bi-directional communication with IT for faster, predictive problem resolution, resulting in higher quality of service
  • Includes strong security controls for end-to end-communication
  • Ensures fast, easy deployment into any existing infrastructure

Isaac is available free of charge for current customers using the Enterasys Network Management Suite through the end of the year. More information is available at www.enterasys.com.

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