Forum Systems Enhances Security of Document Exchange

Extends enterprise SOA and cloud governance capabilities to secure managed file transfer; enterprise-class, seamless FTP migration via extensible, unified, protocol-independent platform.

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Forum Systems has enhanced its flagship Forum Sentry Gateway product, delivering real-time, protocol-independent, secure exchange of documents of any size among trading partners. Legacy Managed File Transfer (MFT) deployments can now leverage existing investments while extending and migrating their deployments to modern SOA and cloud services.

Developed in the 1970s, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has long been the networking standard of choice for financial services, health care, and government organizations to facilitate high-volume exchange of information including 401(k) participant data, X-rays, and other diagnostic information, and tax documentation, respectively. Although the protocol has been a de facto standard for exchanging large packets of data over the Internet, file sizes and the volume of files transferred are increasing. That causes problems in security and throughput.

Already driving secure B2B exchange for hundreds of organizations worldwide -- at all stages of the deployment spectrum -- key new capabilities now available in Forum Sentry include:

  • Streaming security support: Offers content-level security for structured and unstructured data for documents of unlimited size based on the widely used OpenPGP standard

  • Flexible protocol- and content-level security: Enables message transfer over a variety of secured and unsecured transport protocols while ensuring content-level security

  • Centralized governance and migration: Organizations can seamlessly migrate from batch FTP processing to SOAP with Attachments (MIME, DIME, MTOM) while using existing centralized governance policies across legacy and modern message formats

Forum Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crosscheck Networks, Inc. More information about the company and Forum Sentry can be found at

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