ViSX G3 Accelerates App Performance in VMware Environments

Astute Networks’ solution improves application performance; enables organizations to overcome the critical problems of virtual stall and expansion.

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Astute Networks has introduced ViSX G3, a new performance solution for VMware virtualization environments. ViSX G3 enables faster, more widespread adoption of server and desktop virtualization as well as cloud computing by delivering sustained random I/O performance with optimized flash memory to virtual machines (VMs) over standard local area networks.

ViSX G3 provides purpose-built, optimized flash performance and full support for advanced virtualization functionality without the high cost and limitations of disk or competing flash technologies. The company’s Networked Performance Flash architecture and DataPump Engine technology enable each ViSX G3 solution to add dedicated, sustained random IOPS performance -- the equivalent of hundreds of expensive enterprise disks -- to each host in an existing virtualized infrastructure.

Databases, desktops, and cloud computing environments generate far more network and storage I/O than virtual environments can handle. As a result, virtualized storage may be too slow to support SAP, Oracle, and SQL databases; virtual machine performance may not be able to meet Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint service levels and user mailbox loads; and backing up or recovering virtualized data stores may be unacceptably slow.

ViSX G3 makes virtualization feasible, cost-efficient, and easy to deploy throughout all virtualized organizations for the first time, according to Steve Topper, president and CEO of Astute Networks, Inc. “SAN flash products restrict flash performance; internal PCI and external direct attached storage (DAS) flash products lock flash to a single server, restricting virtualization, and key VMware functionality. In contrast, ViSX G3 is a simple, cost-effective, network-based VMware certified solution that, thanks to its unique Networked Performance Flash architecture, simply plugs into an existing environment and lets IT managers add performance to a virtual environment where they need it.”

ViSX G3 is a combination of enterprise flash memory, Astute Networks’ DataPump Engine processor technology, custom hardware, and its uniquely optimized software. The DataPump Engine processor delivers fully offloaded and accelerated network traffic (TCP/IP) and virtualized data store traffic (iSCSI), sustained flash performance, and multi-level RAID protection.

>The ViSX G3’s DataPump Engine delivers the sustained performance equivalent of hundreds of expensive and power hungry enterprise disks.

Each ViSX G3 supports 64 virtualized host servers and their virtual machines with dedicated I/O. The solution is VMware Ready Certified to work with current and future virtualized infrastructure.

The ViSX G3 prices start at under $500 per host server and less than $100 per virtual machine. The ViSX G3 1200 is priced at $29,000, the ViSX G3 2400 is $59,000, and the ViSX G3 4800 is $94,000. Complete solutions including extended warranty, support, and on-site service are available now.

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