DataCore Introduces SANsymphony-V Storage Hypervisor

Software suite removes hardware dependencies, allows organizations to leverage and supplement purpose-built storage systems.

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DataCore Software has enhanced its centrally-managed SANsymphony-V solution. Combined, these new features elevate SANsymphony-V to the role of storage hypervisor by allowing customers to leverage their existing storage assets, including direct-attached storage (DAS), storage area networks (SAN), and solid state disks (SSD).

SANsymphony-V 8.1 is a portable, centrally-managed software suite capable of enhancing the combined value of multiple disk storage systems, including the many purpose-built storage appliances and SSD-type devices on the market. The storage hypervisor supplements the individual capabilities of specialized equipment with a broad range of device-independent, integrated services. The new release adds:

  • Automated storage tiering to maximize price/performance of available storage assets
  • Open APIs, VSS, and PowerShell support for greater management integration
  • Expanded Microsoft Failover Cluster support for greater scalability

SANsymphony-V also features an integrated suite of services, including:

  • Adaptive caching
  • Thin provisioning
  • Synchronous mirroring
  • Asynchronous replication for remote sites and disaster recovery (DR)
  • Low-impact online snapshots for disk-to-disk backup
  • Pass-through disks for migrations
  • Continuous data protection (CDP) for any point in time backup and recovery
  • Unified storage for managing file shares (NASes) and SANs

This set of storage control and monitoring functions provides a virtual layer across consolidated disk pools to aid in the availability, speed, and utilization of contemporary data centers as well as private, public, and hybrid clouds.

The just-released, device-independent, auto-tiering feature selects which class of storage device best suits each workload, promoting the most demanding activity to the faster units for quickest response. SANsymphony-V factors in all the equipment in the resource pool, ranging from quicker SSDs to low-cost, high capacity SATA drives, based on site preferences.

DataCore provides a single pane of control for its storage hypervisor with its graphical user interface. The management tools make it simple to direct the wide variety of storage equipment as if it were one homogeneous collection. Administrators are guided by automated wizards that implement best practices gained over a decade of experience in large, multi-vendor data centers. Also new in this release is a complete open application programming interface (API) used to coordinate SANsymphony-V actions and notifications with other workflows in the data center.

SANsymphony-V Release 8.1 is available now, with configurations starting under $10,000 U.S.D., including annual 24x7 technical support.

For additional information, visit the DataCore Web site at

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