New EventTracker DriveShield Prevents Leaks, Monitors Portable Media

Prism Microsystems’ EventTracker DriveShield monitors USB, CD/DVD-W.

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Prism Microsystems, a security and compliance software provider for government agencies, has released EventTracker DriveShield, an easy-to-deploy solution that provides visibility about files copied to USB devices or burned to CD/DVD-W drives.

Designed in response to WikiLeaks and similar data-breach incidents and the processes that were implemented afterwards, EventTracker DriveShield protects important information by monitoring users with access to sensitive data while alerting, preventing, and reporting, improper transfers to writable media.

EventTracker DriveShield monitors USB devices and writable media that are inserted or removed, as well as change activities for these devices, including any file adds, modifications, deletions, or copies that are made, recording the time and date, location, and user name. This information is available in real time alerts as well as dashboards and summary or detailed reporting from the console. EventTracker DriveShield can also disable USB devices using a whitelist of serial numbers.

This solution enables the DoD and Federal civilian agencies to utilize the convenience, portability, and storage capacity of removable media while complying with reporting, security and compliance requirements.

EventTracker DriveShield available through GSA resellers holds the following certifications: Common Criteria EAL-2; U.S. Army Certificate of Networthiness; FDCC SCAP; and FIPS 140-2.

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