MapR Technologies Updates MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop

Latest release guarantees small jobs finish quickly.

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MapR Technologies Inc. has announced the immediate availability of the company's newest version of the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop. MapR's latest version delivers additional capabilities including MapR ExpressLane and Mac client support.

The MapR ExpressLane feature makes small jobs complete quickly, even if a cluster is busy. With MapR's ExpressLane, small jobs are identified automatically, and clusters immediately allocate the necessary resources to complete a job with minimum latency.

The ExpressLane capability is included in both the MapR M3 and M5 Editions for Apache Hadoop. These editions also include native support for Mac clients. Developers now can develop and debug their MapReduce applications directly on their Mac desktop or laptop. MapR Mac support also extends to specialized tools like Karmasphere that provide solutions for data analysts and developers.

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