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Transend Migrator 10 simultaneously migrates e-mail, calendar, address book, and tasks with enhanced status and incident reporting.

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Transend Corporation, an e-mail migration and conversion solutions provider, is shipping version 10 of Transend Migrator, a Windows-based utility that can perform batched e-mail migrations to and from dozens of different e-mail platforms.

Nearly all legacy e-mail system data can be successfully migrated to next generation e-mail systems using Transend Migrator. The solution can seamlessly move message, address book, calendar, and task items. It features an intuitive interface and is scalable and configurable to handle enterprise-level accounts of tens of thousands of mailboxes.

Enhancements for Version 10 include:

  • Ability to concurrently run migrations to vastly improve migration throughput and efficiency

  • Integration of batch mode setup and batch processing within one user interface

  • New functionality allows migration of all data types simultaneously, including messages, address books, calendars, and tasks (prior version required separate migrations for each data type)

  • Migration Monitor displays real-time migration progress and includes advanced diagnostics that record migration throughput and easily identifies any errors

  • Enhanced logging and reporting functionality, including a master log file in Excel, highlights data points relating to all converted mailboxes (previous editions created a simple text file for each converted mailbox)

  • User-defined migration schedules can be set, and migrations can be stopped and started at will

  • Ability to migrate recurring calendar entries

Transend Migrator Forensic Edition 10 is similar in design to the standard edition but is licensed explicitly for the e-mail conversions related to eDiscovery and compliance. One license per workstation allows the conversion of an unlimited number of data files/mailboxes. The Forensic Edition is used by leading law firms, eDiscovery consultants, financial institutions, and government agencies

Transend Migrator for LotusLive iNotes is a version of the solution that only allows data migration to LotusLive iNotes. Through a partnership with IBM, Transend provides customized access and pricing to Transend Migrator specifically for LotusLive iNotes migrations.

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