Solarwinds Introduces Synthetic End-User Monitor

Synthetic End-User Monitor provides Web application monitoring with a recorder that provides immediate alerts when a problem is detected.

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SolarWinds Inc. has announced the availability of its latest application management offering, SolarWinds Synthetic End-User Monitor. This new product helps systems administrators and application support professionals monitor multi-step Web-based transactions in mission-critical applications.

With an easy-to-use recorder, Synthetic End-User Monitor delivers affordable cloud-based and internal Web application monitoring that allows users to respond to transaction problems before customers see them. It monitors Web applications through synthetic user tests, reporting on duration, and success. Alerts are sent if there are issues with completing transactions, providing expected results, or timing.

When combined with SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor (APM), Synthetic End-User Monitor looks at issues from the customer point-of-view, while APM monitors servers and services from the inside.

SolarWinds also announced Web Transaction Watcher today, a free tool that allows the recording of one Web transaction, with the option to replay every 30 minutes to let users know if there is a problem. Web Transaction Watcher recordings will not need to be re-recorded if users decide they need to upgrade to Synthetic End-User Monitor.

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