APCON Unveils Diagram-Based GUI and New 10G Blades for Switching Solutions

Additions allow for streamlining of network monitoring in mission-critical production networks.

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APCON, Inc. has introduced the latest version of its embedded switch management interface -- WebX. This Web-accessible software, which serves as the primary management interface for the company's switches, allows users to make electronic connections between Layer 2-3 devices and monitoring equipment commonly installed in data centers. This latest version of WebX offers a variety of new features.

Chief among the new features is a drawing capability that allows users to build and view device connections as Visio-like diagrams. Additionally, users have the option to save, store, recall, and share these diagram connections.

Other new functionality included in the WebX software release includes:

  • Global View: A new screen that offers a dashboard of switch connections, and allows users to store and organize diagrams
  • Shared Source Ports: This feature allows a source port to be involved in multiple aggregated connections simultaneously, and is accomplished through the drag-n-drop diagramming capability
  • Port Tagging: Labeling of ingress traffic that makes it easy to determine the source of that traffic when viewed from an analyzer
  • IPv6 Management: LAN management with support for SNMP, TACACS+, RADIUS, SSH, Telnet, and APCON's CLI

Also included in APCON's most recent software release is support for several new blades. These blades are compatible with IntellaPatch Series 3000 chassis and include:

  • ACI-3010-E18-5: User-settable 18-port 1G/10 Gigabit Fiber Ethernet blade
  • ACI-3010-E36-3: 36-port 10 Gigabit Fiber Ethernet blade
  • ACI-3010-I18-3: 18-port SONET OC-192/SDH STM-64 blade
  • ACI-3010-I36-3: 36-port SONET OC-192/SDH STM-64 blade

For more information, visit www.apcon.com.

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