Toshiba Introduces PaperCut MF

New offering provides rules-based printing.

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Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc. (TABS) has introduced PaperCut MF (multi-function), a rules-based managed print services (MPS) solution that helps businesses track, monitor, and control print, copy, scan, and fax behaviors.

PaperCut MF interfaces directly with Toshiba's e-STUDIO MFPs to track off-the-glass functions including copy, scan, and fax usage and provide secure print release capabilities. It also utilizes the Embedded Web Browser feature, enabling users to release print jobs at any available MFP on the network. This server-based, "onboard" MFP enables single sign-on to both the MFP and PaperCut via the control panel or one of many supported card readers.

Integrated into Toshiba e-STUDIO MFPs, PaperCut MF software offers the following key attributes:

  • Web-based administration: PaperCut MF provides out-of-the-box, browser-based administration access from any network location

  • An on-board design approach provides access to the PaperCut server directly from the front panel of Toshiba e-BRIDGE MFPs, enabling Active Directory single sign-on

  • "Find Me" printing enables end users to print to a global virtual queue; with this print release function, print jobs are paused and only printed when the end user releases the job to any compatible MFP or printer on the network

  • Driverless Web and mobile printing; PaperCut MF's Web Print allows wireless and driverless printing from any mobile device, such as laptops and wireless devices and when combined with PaperCut's "Find Me" printing feature, end users can securely release a print job from any supporting MFP or printer

  • Watermarking and digital signatures, a security feature that allows end users to automatically add a username or other metadata to the bottom of every page to indicate the document owner; this feature may include a unique digital signature that will allow businesses to track document origin

  • Tracking and monitoring; administrators can track total copy, print, scan, and fax usage of individual users, departments, and by client codes across the entire fleet for billing or chargeback. Detailed reports also enable administrators to analyze fleet usage in various ways

  • Desktop Widgets allow end users to see the impact their printing behaviors have from both a cost and environmental perspective

PaperCut will be available in three versions:

  • Commercial: This is the primary solution for corporate users which includes support for Toshiba e-STUDIO MFPs as well as other select printers.

  • Educational: This version has a special configuration designed for the education markets.

  • Professional: Similar to the commercial version with the exception that it features a client billing pop-up to facilitate out-of-pocket cost tracking for client/department charge back.

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