Xceedium Announces Availability of Xsuite Product

New offering provides access management solution on a single hardened appliance.

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Xceedium Inc. has released Xceedium Xsuite, a privileged access management (PAM) solution that integrates two security solutions on a single hardened appliance. Xceedium today also announced the acquisition of Cloakware Password Authority from Irdeto. Xsuite is the initial product being released as a result of the acquisition.
Xsuite integrates Xceedium's GateKeeper access control and monitoring solution with Cloakware's password management software. Xsuite extends Xceedium's "zero trust" architecture with protection for privileged user passwords and application passwords that are often stored in clear text across many enterprises.

Xsuite enables customers to control, contain, and audit the activity of privileged users, including employees, partners, and consultants. It includes three modules (GateKeeper, Password Authority, and A2A Authority) that can be run on two different hardened appliance models.

Privileged Access Management's features include:

  • "White list" access control governing which network devices administrators can access and what commands they are authorized to execute

  • Personalized access portal provides each privileged user with "one-click" single-sign-on access to authorized resources while never exposing the password

  • Password management enforces password policies and manages privileged passwords throughout their entire life cycle

  • Password protection encrypts passwords at rest, in transit, and in use

  • LeapFrog Prevention is containment technology for restricting users to authorized devices

  • Complete logging, monitoring, and alerting

  • Session recording with DVR-like playback and session tags, supporting rapid review of policy violations

  • Application-to-application (A2A) password protection, scalable application password protection enabling organizations to eliminate clear text passwords from scripts and code

  • Multiple high-availability modes

  • Operation on a purpose built, hardened appliance containing built-in redundancy and tamper-proof hardware mechanisms

For more information, visit www.xceedium.com.

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