Quest Toad for Oracle Reduces Risk for Database Professionals

Update improves automation, code quality.

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Version 11 of Toad for Oracle is a comprehensive tool for Oracle database management. The solution provides developers with flexible and intuitive way to perform code reviews and analysis. This version’s new code analysis feature allows users to decide how they want to apply code review rules according to severity level, objective, and code element as well as rule attributes. The corresponding dashboard gives managers deeper visibility so they can more easily assess the status of code quality.

Toad for Oracle helps DBAs become more proactive by automating frequent database management tasks, ensuring optimal performance and mitigating the risk of changes. New database health check enhancements give DBAs a high level of visibility into the status of all managed databases, including virtual databases and the way Oracle Enterprise Edition management packs and options are being used. In addition, all of this can be executed against multiple databases.

With Toad for Oracle, IT management can be confident that applications deployed to production are of the highest quality, and the risk of downtime or performance bottlenecks is significantly reduced.

According to Claudia Fernandez, director of product management for Toad solutions at Quest Software, Toad for Oracle 11 helps users simplify and automate how they work as well as the processes they use. They can reduce “unplanned development cycles and the associated frustration. Toad’s enhanced workflow allows them to move quickly from one task to the next, and gives them deeper and broader visibility into the database. This simplification and automation of complex database development and administration makes users much more productive, and ensures that the database performs at maximum efficiency.”

Toad for Oracle 11 is now available now; pricing starts at $870 USD. For more information, visit

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