Updated RecoverGuard Extends IBM Platform Support

DR capacity management, multiple schedule support included in update.

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Continuity Software, a disaster recovery (DR) and high availability (HA) monitoring and management solutions provider, has released RecoverGuard version 5.4. Enhancements target the specific needs of enterprise-class business organizations, including DR capacity management and multiple schedule support, as well as extended IBM platform support and almost 500 new risk signatures. RecoverGuard v5.4’s new features and benefits include:

  • Disaster Recovery (DR) Capacity Management: Ensures recovery-site computing and storage capacity meets business goals; auto-notification provided when recovery site capacity misaligns with requirements.

  • Multiple Schedule Support: Enables users to add and support multiple verification schedules across an unlimited number of countries, continents, and time zones.

  • Added IBM Platform Support: DS 6xxx, 8xxx, and XIV as well as all native replication protocols (i.e., Global Mirror, Metro Mirror, FlashCopy, Global Copy, snapshots, and remote mirroring).

  • Over 4,900 Risk Signatures: Almost 500 new risk signatures added as a result of direct feedback from enterprise customers; RecoverGuard genome database continuously updated to ensure all of the most prevalent, as well as the rarest of potential risks can be proactively discovered and eliminated.

RecoverGuard v5.4 is now generally available at a starting price of US $2,000 per server/per year. More information is available at www.continuitysoftware.com.

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