Cleversafe Helps IT Manage Cloud Storage Deployments for Big Data

Release includes enhanced security, scalability, reliability, manageability for large data sets.

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Cleversafe Inc. has enhanced the company's namesake platform to improve scalability and reliability of cloud storage for companies managing Big Data. Cleversafe’s dispersed storage network (dsNet) technology delivers a cost-effective storage system that easily scales to exabytes and beyond to capture, store, and deliver unstructured data objects at extremely high rates.

  • VMware Support: Leveraging vSphere, both the Accesser and the Slicestor software will be able to run within a VMware virtual machine environment delivered as a virtual appliance, greatly reducing an end user’s hardware expense.

  • 3TB Disk Drives: The Slicestor 2210 will support the next generation of enterprise SATA disk drives. By using the largest capacity enterprise disk drives, the end user is able to achieve the lowest cost per terabyte without sacrificing performance.

  • Named Object/S3 Compliance: In addition to supporting Simple Object over HTTP (SOH), the dsNet will support the Amazon S3 interface internally via named object. This will facilitate integration with application providers supporting S3 interfaces in their product portfolios.

  • Enhanced Disk Life Cycle Management: Within a Slicestor appliance, failing disk drives will have their data transferred or migrated to other healthy disk drives, and will perform diagnostics on a failed disk drive to determine if data can be recovered. This allows users to continue accessing Slicestor nodes even during a single or multiple failures, and minimizes end user involvement, resulting in improved storage utilization.

  • Enhanced Manageability: The Manager application now includes interactive graphs which will enable the end user to receive information when hovering over a data point, as well as support for user-definable timelines, allowing the user to effectively manage their dsNet system through improved diagnostics and analysis.

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