Actifio Unleashes Protection, Availability Storage Platform

New platform reduces duplicate data and total cost of storage investment by up to 10 fold.

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Actifio today formally announced a new class of storage system optimized for managing copies of production data. By virtualizing the management and retention of data, the Actifio PAS platform transforms multiple silos of data, infrastructure, and single function-point tools into one, service level-driven, virtualized protection and availability storage solution. Actifio PAS delivers an application-centric, policy-driven solution that decouples the management of data from storage, network, and server infrastructure, resulting in up to a 10-fold reduction in costs.

Actifio PAS virtualizes management of copies of production data, eliminating redundancies and re-purposing the unique data for multiple data management applications. Actifio’s VDP technology makes it capable of effectively addressing data protection and availability requirements for Big Data applications. VDP is a distributed object file system virtualizing the core primitives of data management: copy, store, move, and restore, and enables instant creation of virtual copies of point-in-time data from the collection of unique blocks of data. VDP technology flips the traditional redundant silos of infrastructure and applications on their side and into an efficient pipeline of unique data, which captures data once and re-uses it for multiple business applications.

Traditional storage systems are designed to support real-time production data and have been inefficiently used to store the copies for various business requirements. Although industry analysts estimate that production data may be growing at 10 to 40 percent annually, copies of production data have been exploding due to the practice of deploying new single function point tools each time a new business requirement emerges. Copies are made by each point tool, from backup, disaster recovery, snapshot and business continuity solutions, to homegrown or proprietary tools for test and development, compliance, analytics, and archival usage. Users end up with individual tools, each independently copying, storing and moving redundant data and restoring overlapping information. The result is an average of 120 duplicate copies of data across potentially dozens of redundant silos, costing the users up to five times more on infrastructure to manage the copies rather than the production data.

With Actifio, organizations have a scalable solution that can easily manage data requirements present in large VM and physical storage environments. Additionally, with only two core concepts to manage, applications and service level agreements (SLAs), and an intuitive “consumer-grade” user interface, Users can protect and recover information instantly, with a few clicks at any location, for any application across any IT environment.

All Actifio solutions are available now and are priced based on the amount of application production data being managed, independent of how much PAS capacity is being used to store the historical copy of the data.

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