Colligo Networks Unveils Unified, Enterprise-Class Solution for E-mail, Document Management in SharePoint

Features broad personal device support, centralized administration.

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Colligo Networks has released a new integrated solution to ease deployment and increase user adoption of SharePoint for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications. The Colligo for SharePoint line now encompasses a comprehensive suite of eight e-mail and document management applications that support PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones whether connected or offline. Available now, the solution can be centrally deployed and managed for both on-premise and cloud-based SharePoint installations.

ECM is a rapidly growing application for SharePoint. As reported in the AIIM State of the Industry 2011 survey, 70 percent of organizations with 5000 or more employees use SharePoint, and 45 percent consider it to be one of their primary ECM systems.

Enterprise IT departments struggle to achieve high user adoption in ECM deployments due to several factors, including:

  • Consumerization of IT: Users demand easy access to SharePoint on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones; failure to support these devices may increase corporate risk through divulgence of company information via consumer technologies such as online file-sharing services

  • Growth of Cloud Computing: Hybrid systems, consisting of a mix of on-premise and cloud-based SharePoint (Microsoft Office 365), are becoming more commonplace, leading to a scattering of sites that can be confusing to end users

  • A Need to Manage E-mail: E-mail is a growing proportion of the content that needs to be managed, and it can be difficult for end users to file, tag and search for e-mail in SharePoint out-of-the-box

Colligo’s products are designed to solve these user-adoption issues, enhance productivity, and achieve ECM success by simplifying and extending the e-mail and document management capabilities of SharePoint 2010 on-premise, and of Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud. New products introduced today include:

  • Colligo E-mail Manager: Powerful and scalable e-mail management solution for Windows PCs and laptops, with deep integration between SharePoint and Microsoft Outlook , including federated search

  • Colligo Briefcase: An enterprise-class application for securely browsing, viewing, and storing SharePoint content on Apple iPads, providing a way for organizations to easily support a rapidly growing segment that includes employee-owned devices

  • Colligo Administrator: Centralized configuration and management that integrates all of Colligo’s desktop and mobile applications through a single server-side console, eliminating the need for end users to configure access to SharePoint

These new products extend the functionality of the existing Colligo Contributor suite, which, in addition to extensive support for SharePoint access online and offline on Windows PCs and laptops, enables users to file e-mails to SharePoint on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) connected to Microsoft Exchange. Colligo Contributor supports both on-premise SharePoint (2003/07/10) and Microsoft Office 365.

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