DataCore Extends Storage Hypervisor Tiering to Cloud Storage

Architecture manages, optimizes tiers of storage; provides cloud gateway for backup, archive, and low-cost, off-premise tiered cloud storage.

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DataCore Software, a storage virtualization software solution provider, has extended its storage hypervisor architecture with functionality that empowers enterprise customers to optimize the utilization and performance of their on-site assets and take full advantage of low cost, virtually unlimited “pay-as-you-go” storage in the cloud. The DataCore SANsymphony -V storage hypervisor now integrates seamlessly with the CloudArray cloud storage gateway from TwinStrata, a cloud-based data storage provider, allowing a simple, transparent, and cost-effective way to manage, offload, and augment on-premise storage environments with space- and power-saving storage located in the cloud.

The TwinStrata CloudArray software appliance seamlessly integrates with DataCore SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor, a portable, centrally-managed software suite capable of enhancing the combined value of multiple disk storage systems. This effectively extends the use of SANsymphony-V to the cloud, enabling organizations to virtualize and fully manage all types of storage. To cost-effectively meet growing enterprise storage demand, CloudArray supports virtually unlimited storage capacity. To

help organizations quickly gain access to the cloud, DataCore is extending a free CloudArray Virtual Appliance offer to its storage hypervisor customers. This includes a 1 TB version of the CloudArray cloud storage gateway software for SANsymphony-V (a $2995 value, upgradeable to larger data volumes), accompanied by a base level of customer support and the use of a 30-day free cloud-storage account.

DataCore’s SANsymphony -V storage hypervisor provides an architecture that manages, optimizes, and spans electronic and mechanical storage, including electronic memory, SSDs, disk devices. and cloud storage tiers and offers advanced automated tiering of disks that automatically relocates disk blocks among pools of different storage devices, keeping demanding workloads operating at peak speeds. Less-critical and infrequently accessed disk blocks naturally gravitate towards lower cost disks.

With the transparent integration of CloudArray, DataCore customers use what they believe are on-premise iSCSI disks whose contents are located remotely on a cloud storage provider of their choice. This allows less-critical tiered storage, backups, and archive data to be cost-effectively placed in cloud storage that can grow almost limitlessly and with pay-as-you-go tiers, while offering additional savings in space, power and cooling.

Additional features include:

  • Seamless integration between CloudArray and SANsymphony-V in minutes

  • Easily downloadable virtual software appliance

  • Data deduplication and compression

  • Data backup and recovery -- on-site, off-site, or in the cloud

  • Secure AES 256-bit advanced encryption standard for both at-rest and in-flight data protection

  • Disk caching to boost performance and enhance speed-matching to off-site cloud storage

  • Bandwidth optimization and scheduling controls

  • Snapshots

  • Choice of cloud storage providers, including Amazon Web Services, AT&T Synaptic Storage, Windstream Hosted Solutions, PEER 1 Hosting, Nirvanix, and OpenStack

DataCore customers who purchase SANsymphony-V receive free access to the 1TB CloudArray virtual appliance. For more information, visit

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