New F5 Networks Professional Services Eases IPv6 Transition

Provides support, best practice guidance

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 F5 Networks, Inc. has announced its new IPv6 Solution Services to help organizations address their need to establish a presence on the IPv6 Internet as new IPv6-only devices flood the market and the available supply of IPv4 addresses dwindles.

Every device that connects to the Internet must have an Internet Protocol (IP) address, but the current protocol version, IPv4, doesn’t have the address capacity to meet today’s explosive demand in Internet-connected devices. IPv6 does, but because it’s incompatible with IPv4, organizations worldwide must inevitably transition to or provide support for IPv6 to ensure that their web-based services and applications are available to the broadest range of Internet users.

“We’re seeing many enterprises struggle to transition their public-facing websites to IPv6 networks, deliver reliable services for new IPv6 client devices, comply with stringent new regulatory requirements, and adjust to the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses,” said Ian Jones, vice president of global professional services consulting at F5. “Many customers don’t feel they have enough in-house knowledge and understanding of IPv6 on their own network infrastructures to attempt an IPv6 deployment without outside assistance. Our new Professional Services offering for IPv6 provides the support and best practice guidance customers need to make these transitions as easy as possible -- whatever their unique requirements are.”

F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager provides customers a clear and seamless method for staging their migration to IPv6 without making wholesale network and application upgrades all at once. F5’s new IPv6 Solution Services are designed to support a range of IPv6 initiatives, whether customers want to transition internal infrastructure from IPv4 to IPv6, support dual stack implementations, or provide continued support for legacy IPv4 applications. Each IPv6 Professional Services engagement includes an architecture review, base connectivity, BIG-IP IPv6 gateway configuration, and knowledge transfer.

F5’s IPv6 Solution Services offering for BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager deployments is available today for purchase through F5 and the global F5 partner network. For more information, visit

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