UC4 Software Enhances Application-Release Automation Solution

Speeds roll-out of new business applications.

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UC4, an independent IT process automation software company, is shipping its enhanced Application Release Automation (ARA) solution. UC4 Application Release Automation provides visibility into the end-to-end release processes through cross-functional planning, tracking, and reporting. It’s designed to fully automate the deployment of complex applications from development through production and scales to support large, diverse enterprise IT environments.

Application release is a complex, time-consuming process, typically involving numerous manual steps that require significant staff time with an increased risk of errors. Complex dependencies -- between and/or across applications and operating systems -- further complicate the process. The overall process can be highly disruptive to everyday operations, resulting in delayed releases, delayed revenue opportunities and missed SLAs.

Application Release Automation has become a top priority for CIOs due to several trends:

  • Growing complexity of IT infrastructures driven by service oriented architecture and adoption of highly dynamic cloud-based environments

  • Business pressure to substantially increase the frequency of release cycles, especially of Web and mobile applications, while maintaining or reducing IT budgets

  • The need for standardization and control over release processes to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

The enhanced UC4 solution offers new features to help IT organizations address these challenges, including:

  • Release planning: Bundling of application components, application packaging, and project resource scheduling across teams and environments

  • Centralized configuration and control: Environment configuration and control as well as the ability to roll out environment modifications from development through production

  • Integration: Build, configuration, and change-management tool integration via new agents and adapters (third-party integrations for leading industry tools)

UC4’s Application Release Automation combines an ARA solution to address application release planning challenges natively within the solution with an advanced centralized environmental configuration and control abilities.

More information is available at www.uc4.com.

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