Uptime Software Adds Smart, Real-time VMware Monitoring with Up.time 6

New release focuses on Smart Monitoring and Capacity Planning for VMware servers and applications; new “Set it and forget it” scalable VMware monitoring makes complex, dynamic environments easier to control.

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Uptime Software, Inc., which makes IT systems management performance and capacity software for midmarket and enterprise organizations, has released version 6 of its up.time software platform. It delivers automated, real-time monitoring of VMware and provides virtual server and application capacity management capabilities from a single, integrated dashboard.

Although virtualization is a proven cost saving alternative to traditional power-hungry physical data centers, Alex Bewley, CTO of uptime, warns that “with virtualization comes complexity and a lack of visibility into overall virtual system performance. As a result, organizations are demanding deep management and performance monitoring tools to help manage their complex and dynamic VMware environments.”

Up.time 6 provides accurate monitoring, reporting, and alerting on the performance and capacity of data centers and IT services. In addition to new VMware monitoring and reporting capabilities, up.time 6 deeply monitors across all data center infrastructure and applications delivering a complete set of performance, availability and capacity metrics.

A key differentiator of up.time 6 is its per-physical-server licensing. This model allows customers to use as many instances as they want on licensed servers at no additional cost, helping companies realize the true cost savings of virtualization. Additionally, up.time 6 offers full control and deep monitoring over servers and applications across Windows, UNIX (IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP), Linux, VMware, and Novell from a single dashboard.

With up.time 6, uptime software introduces “set it and forget it” scalable VMware monitoring.

New features added to up.time include:

  • Real-time vSync (VMware Sync): Saves time with monitoring and alerting that’s automatically applied to all VMware servers, applications, instances, resource pools, clusters, and vApps the minute they spin up.

  • Innovative Sprawl Control: Quickly find sprawl sources and shut them down in minutes. Using server-farm growth trending, rogue virtual machine containment, and intelligent server sprawl reporting, IT is alerted when new VMs are created; they can be automatically monitored and IT can even set automated actions to keep them in control, including; license validation, resource allocation, and security compliance.

  • Virtual Machine Power Awareness: SMART monitoring understands the power-state changes in DPM and never sends false alerts. Monitor power usage in your VMware environment to track energy savings initiatives, determine power gobbling applications and workloads, and map power usage to capacity over time.

  • Deep VMware Capacity Metrics: Newly virtualized applications can sometimes behave oddly without explanation. This can be the result of capacity bottlenecks. With up.time, IT can be alerted when a capacity bottleneck appears. Regain control by locating the bottleneck in minutes with deep capacity metrics at your fingertips.

  • Global VMware Capacity Reporting: Compare historical capacity trends across all VMware assets (clusters, resource pools, vApps, VMs, ESX hosts, vCenters, and data centers), to help establish baselines for upgrade or consolidation projects to ensure users do not overprovision or run out of server capacity.

  • Virtual Capacity Forecasting: Dynamic forecasting of future capacity or storage so IT isn’t blindsided by unexpected capacity needs. Easily see accurate forecasts of when virtual capacity will run out long before it pops up and bites you. Find users and business units who are over allocating or inefficiently using storage.

More information is available at www.uptimesoftware.com.

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