LANState Pro 6.0 Features Visual Network Monitoring with SNMP Trap Support

Over 20 new features offer improved network monitoring and management.

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10-Strike Software's new LANState Pro 6.0 is a Windows-based network monitoring and management utility with a Web UI that allows network administrators and engineers to make a graphic map of a network and see the current state of each host in real-time.

LANState Pro monitors servers, switches, databases, processes, folders, files, disks, installed software, and other objects and devices. The program alerts the system administrator when the hosts and services go down and displays the monitoring results on the graphic map. This helps to reduce downtime and control the performance of every device on the network with ease.

The power of LANState Pro lies in its unique abilities to discover network devices -- routers, switches, servers, workstations, printers -- and produce an easy-to-view pictorial map with node icons, connecting lines and labels, representing the network topology. By continuously scanning a network, the program detects active and inactive machines, new devices, and other changes to network configuration, which are instantly reflected on the network map. This map ensures that the network administrator sees what is happening inside the network and can respond to critical changes or failures as quickly as they occur. LANState Pro also allows the user to directly manage networking computers, including starting, restarting, and shutting down remotely, as well as interrogating machines to generate detailed software and hardware asset reports.

LANState Pro 6.0 includes over 20 new features and bug fixes to help users monitor and control network computers and servers more efficiently comparing to the previous version 5.5. The most important new features include SNMP trap support, Windows Event Log monitoring, and responsetime charts in the Web UI.

SNMP trap support allows the administrator to receive notifications from a wide range of network devices about critical events. For example, a UPS can send alerts using the SNMP trap mechanism when the power is down and the device´s battery is discharging. LANState Pro can receive such SNMP messages and notify the administrator via SMS or sound alarm.

LANState Pro 6.0 allows you to monitor Event Logs on remote Windows machines. On the periodical basis, the program looks through the Event Log on a remote PC and searches for some specific records such as critical errors, or it can just look for a search phrase provided by the administrator. When necessary records are found, the program will alert the administrator.

One of the main LANState Pro´s features is the Web UI which allows remote users and administrators to access the program´s network map remotely using a Web browser and look at the state of all the network´s servers and hosts. The version 6.0 displays the response time and downtime charts via the web UI.

The complete overview of the new features and improvements in version 6.0 is available at Available now, 10-Strike LANState Pro 6.0 starts at $249.95. A 30-day trial is available.

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