Verdiem Surveyor 6 Helps IT Manage Energy Costs of Network-Connected Devices

Platform helps enterprises optimize energy savings, make better IT operating-cost decisions.

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Verdiem, a PC power-management specialist, today released Surveyor 6, its next-generation platform for IT energy management and efficiency, extending its capabilities beyond PCs and Macs to monitor and manage energy consumption and utilization across a broad range of network connected IT devices. To unlock the value of this critical utilization data, Verdiem has partnered with Information Builders and integrated its industry-leading business intelligence platform into Surveyor 6. Using advanced analytics and reporting, Surveyor customers can optimize their energy consumption and make better overall decisions about reducing IT operating costs.

Within a typical organization, IT is the second-largest consumer of energy at 25 percent of total energy consumption; 50 percent of that energy is consumed by PCs, Macs, monitors, and network-connected devices such as IP phones, routers, switches, and PDUs. As energy rates rise, so will operational costs.

“Many organizations rely on end users to turn off machines each night and operating systems to reliably move machines to lower power states,” said John Scumniotales, president and CEO of Verdiem. “That’s a lot to assume and expect. After using Verdiem Surveyor to discover their baseline energy usage, our customers uncover a reality that is far different; they find PCs and Macs are on far longer than they expected. They also start to realize how much energy they consume by having all of their IP phones on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They then use Surveyor to implement policies to ensure IT devices optimize energy use and provide an organization with tremendous savings, often in excess of a million dollars per year.”

Surveyor 6 enables organizations to measure energy savings for their distributed IT devices. Its dashboard provides at-a-glance results while also supporting the ability to drill down for deeper analysis. Three-D charts help visualize energy consumption patterns and quickly identify opportunities for further cost savings. Reports also can help IT inform budget discussions with the business units that it serves.

Expanded Energy Management Capabilities

Surveyor 6 monitors actual activity for PCs and Macs, tracking keyboard usage, mouse clicks, and CPU usage, among other measures. With this detailed utilization information, IT can identify work patterns by department, location, or other appropriate group within the organization. Based on these patterns, Surveyor provides flexibility to create energy-management policies that accommodate specific needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, balancing user productivity with energy savings.

As a result of the highly accurate measurement approach, Surveyor is an independently verified and validated solution that arms IT staff with reliable information about energy usage and insight into ways to save.

With Surveyor 6, IT gains centralized management over their distributed IT devices. For large organizations, Surveyor supports distributed administration and role-based security. With Verdiem’s patented Wake-On-Wan technology, IT can centrally wake remote systems, helping ensure the success of software updates and patch management.

With the new advanced analytics, Surveyor also helps IT assess actual device usage to determine which machines are underutilized and where efficiencies can be gained through consolidation or rightsizing.

Surveyor delivers enhanced IT efficiency at a low total cost of ownership with a new Web 2.0 administration console, simple single-server installation within minutes, and low monthly maintenance -- typically a few hours per month.

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