Alpine Data Labs Gives Oracle Businesses the Power of Predictive Analytics

Alpine Miner Version 2.0 helps enterprises maximize value of Big Data.

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Oracle database users have a new tool in their arsenal for extracting value from Big Data with the availability of Alpine Miner Version 2.0 for Oracle. The solution works within the database itself, giving enterprises a reliable, cost-effective way to apply predictive analytics.

Alpine Miner Version 2.0 for Oracle is available for Oracle 11g and Oracle Exadata Database Machine and comes with these features and benefits:

  • Support for all data analytics operations, including exploring, transforming, predictive modeling, data mining, scoring, automated model fitting, and automated model exporting operations.

  • An intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes the predictive analytic process straightforward and accessible. Business users and business experts can work side-by-side with analytics experts or use the interface themselves.

  • Fast, end-to-end Big Data predictive analytics (BDPA) process. Alpine Miner embeds statistical algorithms in the database to leverage the innate capabilities of peta-scale parallel processing databases.

  • Better model accuracy for better returns, and better use of all data means immediate return on data investments.

  • Scalability enables organizations to use all of their data to develop models, no matter how big their data gets.

  • Reduced risk of dataset leakage because data is analyzed within the database.

  • Facilitates collaboration and the capturing of collective intelligence with libraries and self-documenting workflows to institutionalize the predictive modeling process.

Alpine Data Labs’ Alpine Miner is intuitive, affordable, and optimized for fast experimentation, collaboration and an ability to work within the database itself, helping users find important insights hidden in massive datasets. With Alpine Miner, predictive analytics moves from being a specialized activity practiced by a few skilled individuals to a vital and highly used competitive tool for modern business.
In addition to Oracle 11g and Exadata, Alpine Miner Version 2.0 is available for PostgreSQL and EMC Greenplum.

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