Compuware Delivers APM Innovations for Mobile, Web, Cloud, Streaming, and Enterprise Applications

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Compuware Corporation has released a major update of its integrated application performance management (APM) solution, the Compuware Gomez platform. The Gomez Fall 2011 Platform Release introduces eight innovations across its SaaS and on-premises APM products that help customers optimize application performance to save money and time.

The updates provide a comprehensive mobile and streaming media performance monitoring and testing network; deepened collaboration with Google through Google Mobile Page Speed integration; end-user experience performance analytics; and deep application visibility and diagnostics via integration with dynaTrace.

As organizations become increasingly dependent on business-critical applications, IT complexity has simultaneously exploded. Mobility, cloud, virtualization, Web 2.0, service-oriented architecture and browser diversity have all made achieving performance, availability, and end-user experience goals a challenge. In parallel, global competition and the relentless pace of business drive organizations to introduce new applications and features faster.

Compuware’s latest release of the Gomez platform addresses these challenges by expanding performance visibility and deep-dive analytics across the entire application delivery chain to rapidly find and fix problems that originate inside or outside the data center. This enables organizations to optimize their web, non-web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications quickly before the end user is impacted.

New features and capabilities in the Gomez Fall 2011 Platform Release include:

Mobile and Streaming

Gomez Mobile Real-User Monitoring (RUM) Conversion Analytics: Enables organizations to understand the relationship between performance and customer conversions for native mobile applications. Now Gomez users can gain insight into how phone characteristics such as signal strength, memory, and battery charge impact mobile native application response time.

Integration with Google Mobile Page Speed: The Gomez Mobile Readiness scorecard now includes scores and recommendations for performance improvements from Google Mobile Page Speed. This allows organizations to assess and optimize the performance of their mobile applications.

Largest Mobile Synthetic Monitoring Network: Compuware now has the largest global synthetic monitoring performance monitoring network to provide the industry’s best view into mobile end-user experience. The Gomez Mobile Testing Network includes 29 global locations and supports more than 5,000 device profiles.

Adaptive Streaming Support: Compuware now offers application performance monitoring that supports adaptive streaming. Adobe Flash Dynamic Steaming and Microsoft Silverlight Smooth Streaming are also supported. Gomez now measures characteristics such as the number of times the bitrate changes, the absolute time spent at each bitrate and the percentage of time spent at each bitrate. These capabilities allow organizations to optimize the performance of their streaming media applications.

DynaTrace Integration

Synthetic Monitoring Integration with Code-Level Analysis: Gomez synthetic monitoring has been expanded by integrating with dynaTrace’s PurePath Technology to significantly accelerate problem root-cause analysis. This couples Gomez’s synthetic monitoring platform with dynaTrace’s deep application visibility and diagnostics.

First Mile to Last Mile Operations Dashboard with Code-Level Analysis: The First Mile to Last Mile operations dashboard has been enhanced with seamless deep-dive integration with dynaTrace. The Operations Dashboard accelerates problem resolution by identifying poor performing transactions, displaying business impact (e.g., number of users impacted), isolating the fault domain and enabling one-click drill down to root cause via advanced analytics. This unique dashboard identifies issues and root causes in four areas: the data center or WAN, third-party providers, the Internet or an ISP, and end-user browsers and devices.

360° Web-Load Testing: The load-testing solution allows testing Web, mobile, and cloud applications from the customer’s point of view and resolve problems across the entire application delivery chain -- from the First Mile to the Last Mile. The solution brings together two testing solutions -– Gomez Web Load Testing and dynaTrace Test Center Edition -- into one integrated offering and accelerates time-to-market by quickly identifying user experience performance problems and isolating the root cause down to the line of code. This solution combines high-volume, cloud-based load with geo-based realistic load from Gomez’s network of more than 150,000 Last Mile locations to find problems across the entire Web application delivery chain.

Performance Analytics and Visualization

Browser Real-User Monitoring User Satisfaction Map: This new map-based interactive interface allows visualization of end-user satisfaction. Organizations can drill down to isolate performance problems by geography to better understand the quality of their real users’ experience by geographic region, page, browser, device, operating system, and more.

Last-Mile Load-Testing Health Map: The new Global Performance View displays performance and availability information by test locations including both cloud and Last Mile load sources. The map-based visual interface allows organizations to easily spot and isolate performance problems.

Data Center Real-User Monitoring Performance Analytics: Organizations can evaluate application performance and transaction page abandonment rates by browsers, devices, and operating systems, and accelerate problem resolution via enhanced fault domain isolation.

BSM Third-party Integrations: Gomez now offers new and enhanced Business Service Manager adapters for 12 environments including Microsoft SCOM, BMC Performance Manager, HP Operations Manager, SolarWinds, Netcool ,and Nagios. More than 80 third-party solutions are now supported.

Unified Network and Application Performance Monitoring: Gomez now correlates network performance issues to applications, transactions, and individual users, providing a unified view of how network performance impacts end-user experience. Now organizations have faster trouble shooting with one view to correlate network performance and business impact based on end-user experience.

Comprehensive SAP Application Analysis: Gomez delivers detailed analysis of both thick-client (R/3) and Web-based (NetWeaver) instances of SAP applications. This enables proactive trouble shooting and optimization of revenue-impacting business operations.

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