GateWall Mail Security 2.1 Protects Corporate E-mail Accounts

Solution uses three types of filtering.

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Entensys has released GateWall Mail Security 2.1, a mail gateway solution with integrated spam filtering and anti-virus tools. The product's module structure allows the software on a distributed system and makes the system highly failsafe. The product also has a new name; it was previously known as GateWall Antispam.

GateWall Mail Security provides for the confidentiality of your information transferred via e-mail. The considerable difference of the product as compared to the previous version lies in the new Data Loss Protection system. GateWall Mail Security also prevents the penetration of unwanted information from the Internet.

The information protection system uses three types of filtering: Regular expressions (Regexp), document matching (Docmatch), and a Lemmatizer. Each of these uses a different search method to scan body, threads, attachments, and other parts of messages to monitor e-mail messages for certain key words or phrases and to compare the transferred data with confidential information patterns.

Depending on the administrator-specified rules, a message, having passed through all filters and checks, can be approved, rejected (will not be sent), or held. Notifications on the application of system rules are sent to the e-mail address specified in the main settings. Thus, GateWall Mail Security provides total control over the whole corporate e-mail communication.

The product also allows setting the time zones and the period of quarantine messages storage, and features a newly added range of processing conditions\actions.

More information is available here.

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