BlueStripe Releases Application Transaction Monitoring and Tracing Solution

FactFinder v5.5 automated IT management solution monitors performance of transactions, applications, and infrastructure.

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BlueStripe Software has released FactFinder v5.5, introducing new transaction performance management capabilities to bridge the gap between overall application performance, individual transaction performance, and the underlying infrastructure on which applications depend.

BlueStripe’s FactFinder automatically follows transactions in real-time, wherever they go -- across tiers, platforms, and architectures -- even into virtual machines, private clouds, and third-party services. This visibility into all the interconnections and dependencies -- combined with monitoring and mapping, root cause analysis, benchmarking, forecasting, and planning -- enables IT to manage application and transaction availability.

FactFinder v5.5 provides users with new transaction monitoring and performance management capabilities, including:

  • Transaction service-level monitoring dashboards, showing the performance and availability status of specific transactions

  • Cross machine transaction views, providing hop-by-hop transaction performance across the entire infrastructure

  • Transaction Explorer Problem Solving Workbench isolates and maps individual transaction systems across the infrastructure so that users can follow performance problems across the transaction for root cause analysis

FactFinder allows IT operations team members to focus on high-value activities while a single team member handles problem triage. IT operations teams can also see all application transactions across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. FactFinder users can move from reactive application performance management to proactive application transaction management by avoiding problems usually caused by surprise changes and unknown effects.

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