Free Syncplicity Android App Secures File Access, Sharing

Combines easy file management for users with remote wipe, in-app data encryption for business-class security.

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Syncplicity, a cloud-based file management solutions provider for businesses and consumers, has released Syncplicity for Android. With the 100 percent native Android app, all the files and folders a user needs -- from their existing folders on PCs and Macs, cloud apps such as Google Docs and Salesforce, and on-premise apps such as SharePoint -- are accessible and shareable using Android 2.x phones and tablets.

Users do not have to think ahead about moving or storing files from where they already keep them in order to gain ubiquitous mobile access. With Syncplicity, users have their own secure Virtual Private Cloud where they work naturally using the applications and folders they are used to. File changes, no matter where they happen, are automatically synced across all their computers, available in cloud and on-premise applications, accessible on their mobile devices, backed up with version control, and easily shareable with colleagues.

Syncplicity gives business of all sizes the administrative features they need to make it easy for users to access, share, and back up files while enforcing policies over control and security of data. The new Android app continues Syncplicity’s drive to provide security and administration features including the ability for users or admins to remote wipe files and enable client-side data encryption for files on mobile devices.

Key Syncplicity for Android Features

Syncplicity for Android works on Android 2.1 and above phones and tablets including the newly available Amazon Kindle Fire. It allows users to access, create, delete, view, download, and upload files on their Android devices with changes available on all of the other computers, mobile devices, on-premise file servers and cloud applications, such as Google Docs, SharePoint and Salesforce. Because Syncplicity for Android is a native app it makes use of unique features of the platform and offers a consistent user experience with other native apps.

Key features include:

Productivity and Flexibility

  • Users gain automatic access to all files and folders in their Virtual Private Cloud without having to “check them in” or move them manually
  • Users can view a Newsfeed to see what file activity has been happening across all their computers and devices, including updates in files and folders shared among colleagues
  • Users can share files of unlimited size with others, both with or without Syncplicity accounts, directly from their Android device without needing access to their computers, either directly or through a VPN
  • Users can access current and past versions of files directly from their Android device without requiring administrator intervention
  • Users can use third-party apps on Android to open, edit, and save files in Syncplicity -- changes are then uploaded to a user’s Virtual Private Cloud where they are synced to their other computers, devices, on-premise file servers and cloud apps such as Google Docs, SharePoint, and Salesforce
  • Users can create new content and move them to Syncplicity through support of the native Android File System, built in Camera and Media, and SD card support

Security and Control

  • IT professionals can provide support for users’ preferred mobile devices while still retaining control over corporate assets and reducing end-user support costs that result from complex system and security configurations
  • Users and IT Administrators can remotely wipe downloaded data and credentials if their device is lost or stolen
  • All cached files stored encrypted at rest with enterprise-grade AES-256 encryption
  • Organizational controls, permissions and policies set by administrators in Syncplicity Business Edition are enforced -- extending control, information security, and corporate data compliance to employee’s mobile devices
  • Syncplicity optimizes device performance, data plan usage and battery life by accessing files and folders from the cloud, but also provides offline access to previously downloaded files

Cost and Availability

Syncplicity for Android is available free of charge from the Google Android Market. Existing Syncplicity users can log in to their Syncplicity account with their current credentials and download the app for free. Syncplicity for Android works with Syncplicity free, Personal Edition and Business Edition accounts.

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