UTM Appliance Offered in “Light” Version for SMEs

SecPoint offering “light” version of Protector to small and midsize enterprises.

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IT security firm SecPoint's Protector is offering a “light” version of its unified threat management appliance to small and midsize enterprises. The sister unit to the larger-scale parent Protector UTM Firewall provides the same features, including firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, application control, Web filtering, anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing, and content filter to small and midsize businesses.

The entry-level system, for one to four users, is based on a small form factor (SFF) device that allows IT managers to secure their entire network with a built-in application control, Web filter, content filter, and Web proxy, giving the administrator the ability to control all the content on their network.

Protector Light can be placed in front of a network and will ensure protection against all external attacks from the Internet. It can also be placed locally, in front of the switch on an internal network, to block and record local attackers. It provides complete logs to show who was trying to access the network.  Network users can also be prevented from visiting auction sites, logging into their private emails, browsing through social media such as Facebook or accessing video sites such as YouTube during business hours. P2P traffic can also be blocked so users can't download illegal software.

Additional features include data leak prevention and a full mail archive (incoming and outgoing mail backup) for organizations with five to 2,000 mailboxes, on a 250GB hard drive, and live chat support.

Businesses can calculate how quickly the SecPoint Protector Light UTM unit will pay for itself using an ROI calculator.  The all-new Protector Light costs 599 Euro or 799 USD, including the hardware box.

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