Zscaler ThreatLabZ’s Free Service Analyzes Web Risk

New Zulu service provides streamlined public Web portal to comprehensively identify malicious Web content/

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Zscaler has released a free Web portal, Zulu, that anyone can use to quickly analyze URLs and assess risk posed by suspicious Web content. Zulu analyzes Web pages from multiple perspectives to assess risk at content, URL, and host levels. An overall risk score is delivered for the queried resource, along with detailed findings.

To help users enjoy a safe Web experience, the new service bring Zscaler technology to every consumer and allows them to rapidly identify malicious content.

Developed by Zscaler ThreatLabZ, the Zulu service combines a simple, easy-to-use Web interface with intelligence derived from Zscaler’s global cloud service, partner resources, and public intel to calculate a comprehensive overall risk score. This unique approach permits malicious content to be identified even when the page in question is no longer available. Users can even see page histories to identify when a page first became infected or was subsequently cleaned up.

Zscaler Zulu individually analyzes the page content, URL, and host, leveraging a variety of proprietary tests, with continually updated data. Separately analyzing individual components of a Web resource ensures that all characteristics that can lead to risk are assessed.

  • Content: Page content is scoured for the inclusion of potentially malicious code leveraging proprietary Zscaler algorithms, conducting heuristic tests and querying public sources.

  • URL: The requested URL is tested against known suspicious/malicious patterns, public black/white lists, as well as historic risk assessments for subdomains, domain TLDs, file types, etc.p

  • Host: Historic reputations of the host IP address, Anonymous System Number (ASN), and geographic location are analyzed, along with suspicious behaviors displayed by the host in question.

Dynamic Web-based threats demand dynamic solutions to ensure that even the latest malicious threats can be identified. The Zscaler Zulu service ensures that continually updated content, fed from proprietary Zscaler and public sources, is combined to identify even newly deployed Web-based threats.

Zscaler ThreatLabZ Zulu service is freely available via a simple Web portal to everyone.

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