IBM’s New Analytics Appliance Helps Retailers Transform Big Data into Business Opportunities

Appliance can analyze petabytes of data to help retailers understand customer behavior; delivers actionable insight.

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IBM has released a new analytics appliance that analyzes up to petabytes of big data including consumer sales data and online shopping trends to help retailers gain actionable insight on buying patterns.

The new appliance helps retailers deliver “Smarter Commerce” by using analytics to better understand buying patterns across multiple channels and build stronger, more profitable customer relationships. Clients can now run complex, real-time analytics in a matter of seconds to improve the customer experience, shift marketing campaigns on the fly and boost sales.

In today’s digitally transformed marketplace, consumers are increasingly empowered with information on products and services and ways to make competitive purchases on the fly, creating a hyper competitive marketplace for retailers. According to IBM, 70 percent of a customer’s first interaction with a product or service takes place online, placing more importance on the digital consumer experience.

The new appliance is a part of the IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative as it can help retailers deepen relationships with consumers and create a sense of brand intimacy.

Retailers need to understand their customers from browsing through purchase and across all channels in order to be more competitive. Tapping into analytics is the key to converting petabytes of customer data into actionable insight, revealing their needs and wants, and driving smarter decision-making across a retailer’s organization.

The new IBM Netezza Customer Intelligence Appliance addresses these issues by providing retailers with big data analytics that allows them to analyze all customer interactions within their brand. This combined offering from IBM and business partner Aginity, along with Cognos software, helps retailers gain a single view of the customer spanning all channels and sales touch points including mobile, online, and in-store shopping. Retailers can gain insight on the fly, better predict and target products and promotions, and improve store design and pricing.

Using the new appliance, retail clients can now also expand their predictive analytics capabilities with SPSS Predictive Analytics and IBM's Global Business Services, allowing them to go deeper in customer segmentation and business analytics.

IBM Netezza appliances are optimized systems based on IBM BladeCenter technology that can analyze petabytes of data significantly faster than competing options, and at a much lower total cost of ownership. Unlike competing appliances, Netezza can be up and running in minutes instead of days or weeks.

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