Updated Quest vWorkspace Cuts Cost of Desktop Virtualization

Solution helps enterprises deliver, manage low-cost, high-density Windows workspaces.

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Desktop virtualization is changing the way we work today, as more companies regardless of size deliver a productive and secure Windows workspace wherever their users work. Increasing worker mobility, proliferation of new devices in the workplace, the spread of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, and more flexible work styles leave IT professionals seeking a low-cost, flexible, and efficient solution to deliver and manage a Windows workspace. New technologies in Quest vWorkspace 7.5 significantly reduce the cost of desktop virtualization, especially for organizations using Microsoft Hyper-V, enabling low-cost, high-density desktop virtualization.

vWorkspace 7.5 employs scalability enhancements, direct Hyper-V integration, lightning fast provisioning, and advanced desktop virtualization load balancing to achieve its benefits. It includes deep integration with Microsoft Hyper-V to provide complete virtual desktop life-cycle management for every aspect of the virtual desktop environment from creating, deleting, adding, and updating to changing memory configuration.

Hyper-V catalyst components leverage technologies such as HyperCache and HyperDeploy to enable IOPS (I/O operations per second) reduction of up to 99 percent right out of the box while enabling instantaneous provisioning of virtual desktops and RD Session Hosts (formerly Terminal Servers) across many hosts simultaneously. HyperCache enables caching of the most-used blocks of a golden image to memory, allowing virtual desktops to only retrieve requested data from disk when not found in cache. HyperDeploy allows virtual desktops to be provisioned instantaneously without waiting for the golden-image copy to complete. It also limits network utilization while still allowing instantaneous provisioning.

vWorkspace 7.5 reduces the cost of desktop virtualization by allowing seamless use of local storage (DAS) and by removing the need for expensive SAN storage. It also enables provisioning of a fully functional virtual desktop in seconds thanks to the new vWorkspace Instant Provisioning technology.

Quest Software recently conducted a cost and performance analysis for vWorkspace 7.5 using Login VSI, the standardized benchmark for VDI and SBC environments used by vendors in the desktop virtualization space. Standardized cost scenarios against top competitor’s offerings allowed Quest to pinpoint the key areas of efficiency, and identify an overall cost savings of 33 percent VDI CapEx cost per user.

New vWorkspace 7.5 Desktop Clouds simplify desktop virtualization to deliver elasticity and maximize business agility to customers in enterprises of all sizes. It delivers top performance for virtual desktops with advanced load balancing schemes, and allows customer to add capacity in a matter of seconds. It requires little administrative effort for ongoing desktop maintenance, taking only minutes to update hundreds or thousands of desktops to a new version of the corporate golden image.

Other new features include:

  • LAN and WAN support for Microsoft Lync/Office Communicator and other VOIP applications is incorporated, expanding the reach of desktop virtualization projects

  • Offers two-factor authentication support for all vWorkspace Connectors, adding an extra layer of security for users connecting from their choice of devices

  • Full RD Session Host Lifecycle Management from the vWorkspace Management Console provides all the benefits of VDI and applies them to RD Session Host, allowing one server image to be created and deployed in a fraction of the time of manual replication and reducing associated maintenance, support, and storage costs

More information is available at www.quest.com/vworkspace.

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