Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric Solution Adds High-Density, High-Resiliency Technology

H Series family adds new high-density, small-form-factor chassis with high-resiliency multi-chassis “clustering” capability.

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Gigamon, a traffic visibility fabric solutions provider, has expanded the breadth and scale of its H Series portfolio by adding a new high-density, small-form-factor chassis with a high-resiliency multi-chassis “clustering” capability.

Gigamon’s flagship line of products, the H Series, represents the latest generation of purpose-built technology to handle millions of traffic flows each second, delivering them intelligently to the appropriate infrastructure security or managing systems. The launch of a new H Series chassis, the GigaVUE-HD4, and new software update for the entire H Series, enables network architects and engineers to provide pervasive visibility to network traffic.

According to Ted Ho, Gigamon’s CEO, “A significantly increasing challenge faced by IT professionals is to maintain accurate and pervasive management and monitoring of the rapidly rising volumes of traffic traversing the enterprise infrastructure. The past approach -- to connect monitoring and management tools into specific segments or domains of the network -- will not scale into the future. A new approach is required, and we believe the visibility fabric architecture represents a compelling solution.

“Without the visibility fabric in place, network managers lack the ability to ensure pervasive visibility that enables management tools to effectively monitor this increasing volume of traffic. By expanding Gigamon’s H Series family and increasing the scale, performance, and density of the visibility fabric, we provide our customers with a solution to enable complete traffic visibility and manageability of their infrastructure; leading to lower operational cost, reduced risk, and far fewer outages.”


To further broaden and diversify the portfolio of visibility fabric nodes, Gigamon has introduced the GigaVUE-HD4. The GigaVUE-HD4 is a high-density chassis that uses Gigamon’s FlowMapping technology to intelligently filter, forward, replicate, and manage the flow of traffic from production networks to management, monitoring, and security tools.

The GigaVUE-HD4 provides users with a smaller form factor of the company’s GigaVUE-HD8 chassis, with the new GigaVUE-HD4 delivering a 1.3Tb of connectivity in a data-center-ready 5RU form. The combination of the two chassis products and the multiple line-card configurations allows enterprises and data centers of all sizes and scale to operate a powerful visibility fabric, resulting in lower operational costs, higher infrastructure flexibility, and improved organizational agility.

H Series v2.3

To allow architects, engineers, and operators to design and deploy highly-available and resilient visibility fabrics, Gigamon has upgraded the H Series software for all products within the family. The new release, v2.3, allows architects to create a “Master/Slave” control-plane clustering structure within the fabric to include multiple H Series visibility nodes.

For added resiliency, secondary nodes can assume the role of “master” if connectivity is lost to the original master. Additional capabilities and functionality has been added in the form of a graphical user interface (GUI) specifically designed to efficiently manage and control the many hundreds of ports contained across a Cluster of H Series nodes.

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