Lancope Extends In-Depth Network Visibility to Mobile Devices

NetFlow-based monitoring solution protects bring-your-own-device environments.

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Lancope, Inc.’s StealthWatch System has been extended to provide comprehensive network visibility to mobile devices for securing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments. By analyzing mobile device information collected from existing network infrastructure, StealthWatch detects issues stemming from any device on your network without having to install additional software or deploy expensive probes.

“Mobile users often circumvent corporate security policies and safeguards, and it is too cumbersome -- and often impossible -- to install and manage security software on every new device,” said Joe Yeager, director of product management at Lancope. “With 75 percent of companies allowing employee-owned mobile devices to be used at work, now is the time for organizations to adopt a solution like StealthWatch that leverages existing infrastructure to deliver seamless security monitoring for any device that enters the network.”

Traditional threat detection mechanisms such as probe devices, antivirus, and IDS/IPS quickly become cost prohibitive and ineffective within a BYOD environment. Unlike these technologies, StealthWatch leverages NetFlow and other flow data inherent in network infrastructure to provide end-to-end visibility for dramatically improved network troubleshooting and risk posture.

Through sophisticated behavioral analysis, StealthWatch can detect and issue alarms on anomalous behavior originating from anywhere on the network, including users’ personal smartphones, tablets, or laptops. This enables organizations to quickly and easily uncover externally-launched attacks such as botnets, worms, or advanced persistent threats, as well as internal risks including network misuse, policy violations and data leakage -- regardless of the device being used.

Advanced identity and application awareness further enhance security investigations by tracing the root cause of unusual behavior all the way down to the exact user and program responsible. These features also support other efforts such as network forensics and regulatory compliance. In addition to improving mobile security, StealthWatch can help ensure high levels of performance for mobile users by quickly assessing issues that may be causing a slowdown.

“Beginning this year, mobile devices will exceed PCs in both shipments and spending,” adds Yeager. “Meanwhile, Gartner has predicted that 90 percent of companies will allow corporate applications on personal devices by 2014. While conventional defenses are losing their efficacy amidst this rapidly-evolving environment, StealthWatch is filling in the gaps and providing the situational awareness needed to maintain high levels of security and performance in light of IT consumerization and BYOD.”

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