OpTier Always-on APM 4.5 Offers New Business Process Perspective

Extends always-on production diagnostics in a single cloud-ready product.

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OpTier, a business transaction-driven application performance specialist, has released OpTier Always-on APM version 4.5 with significant enhancements that enable today’s always-on business.

Part of the company’s rebranded Always-on APM solutions, Always-on APM version 4.5 features include:

  • Business process flow visualization is enables across transactions using the same UI and data model. The solution presents a step-by-step flow of business processes, isolating bottlenecks and broken steps, providing unmatched visibility into business impact with real-time business process health indicators, service level monitoring, and identification of incomplete processes. IT operations can gain a new analytics dimension for APM for business impact.

  • Always-on application diagnostics for Java and .NET is designed to run in production and “always-on” with less than 2 percent overhead. New one-click visibility into code analysis including call methods, stack trace, and SQL statements enables faster problem resolution based on real transactions.

  • Browser-based user activity using a new method that employs Java Script injection breaks down client response time and content delivery network (CDN) time, providing valuable insight into the impact of third-party content on end users. Additionally, all mobile devices (smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc.) that are increasingly being used to access business applications are monitored with Always-on APM.

  • Cloud-readiness gives visibility into cloud performance for transactions such as credit card/account validations and SOA services. IT can assess application readiness before migrating to the cloud, compare before/after performance with baselines, and provide ongoing management once applications are in the cloud. In-depth relevant metrics such as consumption and costs help enterprises with chargeback and provisioning.

  • Usability enhancements and expanded platform support is provided using a federated approach for very large deployments, enabling faster problem resolution. New agentless message bus support (IBM MQ, TIBCO EMS, ActiveMQ, SonicMQ, and other JMS buses) and additional TCP/IP protocols (FIX, FTP, MQ, and more) are supported.

According to Motti Tal, executive vice president of marketing, product and corporate development at the company, OpTier Always-on APM is an enterprise-class APM solution that “crosses all application boundaries in a single product, which makes it easy for business and IT to access powerful transaction intelligence with its continued delivery of actionable analytics and deep diagnostics. Version 4.5 is also cloud-ready out-of-the-box so customers can simultaneously apply this same groundbreaking technology to their applications on the cloud.”

Always-on APM 4.5 is available now. More information is available at www.optier.com.

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