Fujitsu Updates Interstage Business Process Manager

Combines automated business process discovery, monitoring, and analysis to give enterprises visibility and intelligence to their end-to-end business processes.

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Fujitsu has updated its Interstage Business Process Manager Analytics (BPM Analytics) to version 12. The latest edition of its business process discovery, monitoring, and analysis software delivers process intelligence to the enterprise by seamlessly integrating Automated Process Discovery -- a technology developed by Fujitsu Labs -- with real-time process monitoring and alerts as well as sophisticated analytics to cost-effectively deliver process visibility and intelligence.

“Process improvement is vital across the enterprise to increase productivity, lower costs, gain competitive advantages and improve the customer experience,” said Tsune Yoshizawa, Senior Vice President, Platform Products at Fujitsu. “Until now, these initiatives have required considerable manual effort for process investigation, and companies have been unable to sufficiently visualize key processes in sales and operations management, customer interactions, and internal accounting.”

Interstage BPM Analytics makes it easy for users to automatically gather process intelligence around all their key processes, identify actual or potential process trouble-spots, and target specific areas for improvement and optimization. The solution combines the Fujitsu Automated Process Discovery with real-time process monitoring and alerts. Automated Process Discovery, a technology developed by Fujitsu, has been used by the Fujitsu services group to provide more than 70 global companies with the visibility they require to dramatically improve their processes and achieve significantly improved business results.

The technology, which automatically generates process flowcharts using business system logs without impacting any production systems, eliminates the need for traditional manual process discovery, which is often subjective, costly and time-consuming. The resulting fact-based process flows can be used to easily identify process bottlenecks and their root causes, and analyze such issues as processing times and cost.

Interstage BPM Analytics can be deployed across different systems and organization silos to provide end-to-end process intelligence. It can be deployed onto both the BPM orchestrated processes and non-BPM orchestrated processes in systems such as SAP and Oracle ERP.

Features and benefits include:

  • Uses logs from business systems and database data to automatically generate flowcharts to fully and accurately visualize business processes. Even when systems straddle multiple business operations, or in situations that have required human mediation between systems, the system logs and data can be captured, collated, and expressed using the patented technology of Automated Process Discovery.

  • Eliminates the time required for onsite inspection as well as the influence of preconceptions and subjectivity.

  • Provides easy-to-use analysis tools that accelerate identification of problem areas in business processes. Through simple and intuitive controls, users can pinpoint specific processes and view a wide range of metrics, such as process frequency, process lead time averages, and deviations by type, and number of steps per path.

  • Provides alert notifications when threshold values are crossed.

  • By continually monitoring underlying data, quantifies the impact of business-process improvements.

  • Enables staff without specialized training to obtain sophisticated process analysis.

  • Uses Smart Setup, based on the proprietary Fujitsu Smart Software Technology, to automatically optimize network settings needed for deployment and memory allocation, simplifying the deployment process and getting customers up and running quickly.

Interstage BPM Analytics V12 is also being made available worldwide through an OEM agreement with CA Technologies. Interstage Business Process Manager Analytics V12 is available both as standalone product and as an integrated part of Interstage Business Process Manager V11.2. Both products are available now. Further information is available here.

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