New Halon Security Firewall Appliance Includes Native IPv6 Support, Layer 7 Wire Speed Performance

Halon Security introduces series of Halon Hardware Security Routers.

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Halon Security has released a new Halon Hardware Security Router (HSR) series of firewall appliances designed from the ground up for exceptional performance, security, and redundancy.

The two top models in the all new HSR family is the HSR-3008 and the HSR-3116. The HSR-3008 features eight gigabit ports, unlimited support for VPN connections and VLANs, and support for AES encryption, traffic load balancing, and BGP failover functionality.

For more power, the HSR-3116 featuers 16 gigabit Ethernet ports, unlimited VPN and VLAN support, traffic load balancing, AES encryption, and BGP failover functionality. The HSR-3116 was designed for larger data centers and with speedy performance and advanced software development; it features wire speed performance up to layer 7 in the OSI model.

Other models in the all new HSR appliance family includes the HSR-1003, designed for the small office, featuring three gigabit Ethernet ports, support for five concurrent VPN connections and five VLANs. The HSR-1103 is a more powerful model of the HSR-1003 with unlimited support for VPN and VLAN as well as support for traffic load balancing between several HSR-1103 appliances.

The Halon HSR-2006 features six gigabit Ethernet ports and can support up to 20 VPN connections, 20 VLANs, and its bigger brother, the HSR-2106, features unlimited VLANs and VPN connections and support for AES encryption, traffic load balancing, and BGP failover functionality.

Halon Security designed the hardware from ground up with IPv6 in mind. It rebuilt the entire HSR operating system to get maximum performance, security, and IPv6 support.

All new models in the HSR family also features an all new Web-based GUI for use in desktop, smartphone, and iPad Web browsers.

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