Updated Riak Database Features Graphical Operations Dashboard, Diagnostics

Latest release of open source, scalable database boosts synchronization performance for multi-data center deployments, features new installation diagnostics, improves operational control.

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Basho Technologies has released Riak 1.1, the latest version of the company's flagship open source database. Riak 1.1 is a combined effort from the core Basho engineering team and Riak's growing community that has produced a stable, scalable NoSQL database.

Riak 1.1 boosts data synchronization performance for multi-data-center deployments, provides operating system and installation diagnostics, and improves operational control for very large clusters. Riak 1.1 delivers a range of new features and improvements including:

  • Riak Control, an open source, intuitive administrative console for managing, monitoring, and interfacing with Riak clusters

  • Riaknostic, an open source, proactive diagnostic suite for detecting common configuration and runtime problems

  • Enhanced error logging and reporting

  • Improved resiliency for large clusters

  • Automatic data compression using the Snappy compression library

Additionally, Riak EDS (Enterprise Data Store), Basho's commercial distribution based on Riak, features major enhancements, primarily for multi-data center replication:

  • Introduction of bucket-level replication, adding more granularity and robustness

  • Several distinct data center synchronization options are now available, each optimized for different use cases

  • Significant improvement of data synchronization across multiple data centers

Using Riak Control, users can see a snapshot of the health of their cluster and access detailed information on each of their nodes. An "actions panel" allows the administrator to add, take down and remove nodes from clusters with the simple push of a button. With Riaknostic, administrators can run a series of checks, inspecting the operating system and Riak installation for potential problems, then provide recommended resolutions. Riaknostic was designed so that it is relatively easy for developers and the development community to incorporate new diagnostics.

Riak is available open source for download at basho.com/resources/downloads. Additional information can be found at basho.com.

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