Xerox Launches Business Cloud Services to Manage Mobile Devices

Companies face increased complexity and cost constraints with growing employee use on a variety of devices.

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Companies struggling to manage the pervasive growth of mobile devices can simplify how they implement and incorporate every type of device used throughout their organization with Xerox’s new mobile device management service. The service is the latest in Xerox’s suite of business cloud services.

Cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) eliminates complicated technical implementation and oversight and reduces hardware and software costs. The benefits of Xerox MDM, says Ken Stephens, Xerox senior vice president of cloud services, is how it can adapt to any organization to manage virtually every type of mobile device, with pricing designed for enterprises and small businesses.

“Companies, large and small, struggle with how to identify, secure, and track a host of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Employees use them 24x7, anywhere, and everywhere, and they need them all to connect and sync seamlessly,” said Stephens. “We keep it secure, simple, and cost effective.”

Xerox’s mobile management approach includes everything needed by companies, starting with set-up and administration, plus IT staff training to help them see, track, and secure any mobile device. It also makes sure devices can be locked and unusable, even formatted remotely.

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