UC4 Application Release Automation Solution Updated

Helps IT organizations plan software releases, track progress, perform automated deployment.

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UC4, a firm specializing in IT process automation solutions, has updated its UC4 Application Release Automation solution to version 2, enabling IT organizations to plan software releases, track progress, and perform automated deployment from a single Web-based interface. The new version also simplifies implementation by delivering built-in support for common middleware, source code management tools, and issue-tracking tools.

“Many enterprise IT organizations are struggling to ‘tame’ the application release process. The use of manual deployment procedures, non-integrated toolsets, and excessive communication between stakeholders create a management nightmare,” said Wes Pullen, vice president of application release automation technologies at UC4. “The new version of the UC4 Application Release Automation solution adds a centralized planning and control layer to the UC4 scalable automation engine, turning application release into a coordinated, repeatable, and predictable process.”

UC4 Application Release Automation V2 includes the following new capabilities:

  • New Web-based user interface supports drag-and-drop deployment process definition and enables users to manage release processes from a simple, integrated interface

  • Application and component modeling minimizes failures by identifying unmet dependencies

  • Test environment scheduling ensures required test and staging environments are available at the right time, preventing unnecessary project delays

  • Built-in application server support for deploying applications on IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, and Microsoft IIS application servers accelerates implementations

  • Built-in integration support for source code management tools -- such as Concurrent Versions System (CVS), Apache Subversion (SVN), and Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) -- makes it easy to fully automate deployment in testing, staging, and production

  • New unified roles and access control management capabilities enhance security and help ensure compliance with industry regulations

  • Support for deploying incremental application updates expedites deployment

  • New application management database (AMDB) with API accessibility for integration with CMDB and other repositories

More information is available at www.uc4.com.

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