Nimsoft Delivers VMware vCloud Environment Monitor

Solution enables IT organizations, service providers to efficiently safeguard health of private, public, and hybrid clouds.

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Nimsoft has released Nimsoft Monitor for VCloud, a solution for monitoring and optimizing the performance of VMware vCloud environments.

The highly dynamic nature of vCloud environments presents a substantial challenge to conventional IT monitoring tools because resources are constantly being added, deleted, and moved across both the on-premise data center and remote IaaS or PaaS clouds.

Nimsoft Monitor for vCloud meets this challenge by monitoring all physical and virtual systems and network resources that support any given application or service regardless of their location. It provides the coverage, insights, and automation administrators need to practically and efficiently monitor dynamic vCloud Director systems, along with their underlying cloud services and infrastructure.

At customizable intervals, Nimsoft Monitor for vCloud can also collect capacity and performance data from multiple vCloud Director instances whether they are on-premise, running at a service provider, or both.

Nimsoft Monitor for vCloud provides:

  • Automated discovery, deployment, configuration, and data aggregation for resources managed by vCloud Director

  • Powerful templates for creating policies that can be applied to specific resource groups

  • Correlated monitoring of resources supporting specific applications and services, including virtual machines and virtual LANs

  • Intuitive multi-tenant views of performance, availability, utilization, and other key monitoring data

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