IBM Accelerates Big Data Decisionmaking

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IBM has released new software to provide a sophisticated way to tame the data deluge and speed up business processes, making it easier for decision makers to gain insights from data. Based on innovations from IBM labs, the new software continuously accesses, compresses, and analyzes data, freeing up IT staff to work on higher-value tasks such as big data and business analytics.

In the era of big data, organizations are struggling to gain insights from information assets to transform business operations and be competitive in their industries. The challenge is compounded by new, high-performance applications that require instant access to new types and massive amounts of data from social networks, sensors, and mobile devices, along with data growing exponentially inside business applications.

To help clients meet these challenges, IBM is unveiling DB2 10 and InfoSphere Warehouse 10 software that easily integrates with big data systems, automatically compresses data into tighter spaces to prevent storage sprawl, and slices information from the past, present, and future to eliminate expensive application code.

During testing, clients performed data warehouse queries up to 10 times faster to accelerate decision making, freed up storage space up to 90 percent to dramatically reduce storage sprawl, and easily migrated data from expensive Oracle Database to IBM DB2 software with 98 percent code compatibility that did not require changing the data itself or retraining staff. Using the new software, clients can:

Access big data for deeper insights: Big data integration and real-time data analysis provide faster insights from unstructured data such as social networking information or text from mobile devices. Insights from Hadoop-based systems are now easily integrated with real-time analysis of structured data in the warehouse to enable better and faster business decisions.

Accelerate business processes and lower data management costs: Adaptive compression and multi-temperature data management instantly compresses data to make it easier for business applications to use it and place into the most effective storage. Compression speeds up the flow and better manages big data for analytics applications. The new software automatically assesses how frequently data is needed and moves it to cost-effective storage based on how "hot" or "cold" it is.

Look into the past and future to improve decision making: Time travel query enables easier access to data at any point in time. For example, an online travel agency can automatically detect inconsistencies in itineraries such as a hotel booked in Rome for eight days while a car is reserved in New York City for three of those days. Previously, database administrators and application developers had to write complex code to uncover this relationship.

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