Arcplan Enterprise 7.2 Released

New version supports in-memory appliances for analyzing big data.

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Arcplan has released arcplan Enterprise 7.2 for companies that need powerful data analysis capabilities to enhance decision-making for users at all levels. The most significant feature in the new version of arcplan’s BI platform is MDX interfaces for the in-memory technologies SAP HANA and Kognitio Pablo which help businesses analyze big data. With these new interfaces, arcplan enables customers to easily analyze large amounts of information to glean better customer insight, increase operational efficiency, and gain competitive advantage.

The release also updates layout management, which allows arcplan documents to expand and contract with the size of the user’s browser. With smaller smartphone and tablet screen sizes for mobile BI and larger desktop monitor sizes, it has become more important for BI applications to effectively use the available screen size to show as much useful information as possible. Arcplan Enterprise 7.2 enables users to effortlessly use available screen space without adjusting applications to a certain screen resolution or width.

With the release of arcplan Enterprise 7.2, the company is also offering enhanced support for cloud-based deployment of BI applications. Companies that prefer deploying arcplan solutions in the cloud can provide different user groups with their own secure tenancies where they can publish and manage their applications. This multi-tenancy function allows a simple central provision of arcplan for separate divisions or sub-contractors -- including all the benefits that are provided by a cloud-based deployment.

Detailed release notes about this version are available here.

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