Virsto Improves Storage Utilization, Performance, Provisioning of Windows Server Hyper-V

Virsto 2.5 for Windows Server Hyper-V with enhanced VMM support, bulk VM provisioning wizards, seamless backup and recovery.

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Virsto Software, a storage hypervisor software provider, has begun to ship Virsto 2.5 for Windows Server Hyper-V. The update allows users to increase existing physical storage utilization by up to 90 percent, accelerate virtual machine (VM) provisioning and management by up to 99 percent, and reduce the cost of storage in virtual environments by up to 70 percent.

With the release of Virsto 2.5 for Windows Server Hyper-V, Virsto delivers a 100 percent software storage abstraction layer with advanced storage capabilities directly to Hyper-V, extending the benefits of virtualization beyond the server and transforming Hyper-V into a storage hypervisor.

Virsto 2.5 for Windows Server Hyper-V’s suite of capabilities reduces the cost and complexity of storage in virtualized environments by improving storage utilization and performance while delivering VM storage self-provisioning, automated storage space reclamation, and high-performance thin provisioning.

New product features include:

  • Enhanced VMM support: Virsto now delivers enhanced support for Hyper-V and the Microsoft Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) by provisioning Virsto vDisks within the existing VMM GUI and workflow. Benefits include no scripting, seamless integration, and 90 percent improvement in storage utilization. Private and public cloud implementations can use enable instant self-service VM provisioning at an extremely low cost.

  • Bulk VM provisioning wizards: Virsto’s one-click VM provisioning option enables provisioning of the highest performance VHDs for new virtual machines in seconds, not the 20 minutes per VM that normal provisioning requires.

  • Seamless backup and recovery: Virsto integrates transparently with Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) and Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) functions to give customers seamless, automated backup and recovery.

  • Advanced tiering for solid-state and rotating storage: Virsto supports up to four distinct storage tiers, providing the most flexibility to manage business priorities, QoS, and costs for any hardware, allowing IT organizations to optimally utilize SSD, Fibre Channel, SAS, and SATA disks.

  • Systems Center Operations Manager Management Pack: Virsto offers a new Systems Center Operations Manager Management (SCOM) pack that improves integration with Windows Server Hyper-V. Customers can deploy Virsto while they continue to manage the Hyper-V environment within native workflows.

More information is available here.

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