Internap Launches High-Performance, Self-Service Agile Hosting Services

New online configurator lets enterprises instantly scale their physical and virtual server infrastructure.

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Internap Network Services Corporation, an intelligent IT Infrastructure services provider, has released automated, high-performance agile hosting services globally. A dynamic, new online configurator allows enterprises to instantly customize and provision both physical and virtual IT Infrastructure to meet diverse and rapidly growing business and application demands.

The on-demand, global agile hosting offering marks one of the first key technology deliverables resulting from the combination of Internap and Voxel since Internap's acquisition of the cloud and hosting provider in December 2011. The Agile Hosting offering builds upon Voxel’s fully automated and unified dedicated and cloud hosting platforms and has been deployed globally in five markets: New York, Dallas, Santa Clara, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

Internap’s new services uniquely address these large and growing markets with a high-performance, instantly scalable, global platform; the service is integrated with Internap’s global Performance IP service, which utilizes Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO) technology, to ensure superior application performance and availability.

The self-service capability is backed by complete automation that enables users to provision popular bare-metal configurations in minutes, providing cloud-like flexibility from physical servers. Further, the solution is fully hybridized and allows virtual and physical servers to be seamlessly mixed to meet specific application requirements. Additional scalability and performance are achieved with the inclusion of the company’s global content delivery network (CDN) with no incremental bandwidth fees.

With the new, easy-to-use online storefront, customers can immediately self-provision popular dedicated and virtual servers. Moreover, they can customize their servers by selecting from a range of hardware, drive, network, storage, and custom configuration options. Pricing varies depending on configuration and hourly pricing is available.

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