Lingotek Brings Translations to the Cloud

Helps agencies, contractors translate workloads in open cloud environment.

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Lingotek, a collaborative translation solutions provider, is now available in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud (U.S.) Region, enabling United States government agencies and contractors to translate workloads in an open cloud environment that also complies with export control regulations limiting access to U.S. persons.

Several government agencies are subject to export control regulations that stipulate that only U.S. persons can physically and logically access data. AWS GovCloud (U.S.) couples regulatory compliance with the built-in benefits of the cloud, including scalability and ease of deployment. Government agencies can harness the elastic resources of AWS GovCloud (U.S.) for their data and analytics needs rather than maintaining their infrastructure on-premise.

Lingotek has long been using AWS as its primary online infrastructure-as-a-service. A highly elastic platform, AWS is well-suited for the computer-assisted translation process, which requires on-demand analytics to work with large amounts of data.

Lingotek will be providing machine translation solutions, real-time community translations, and professional translation services inside AWS GovCloud (U.S.). Government agencies can streamline their translation process and reduce costs, with regulatory compliance already assured.

Through Lingotek’s Collaborative Translation Platform, government customers can access Lingotek’s crowd-sourced, professional or machine translations in real time, quickly and cost-effectively translating all forms of content, from government public-facing websites to externally disseminated document, e-mail to the millions of foreign social media posts, and tweets.

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