Emulex Introduces Pair of I/O Connectivity Solutions

Solutions target specific vertical applications.

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Emulex Corporation has introduced two new products in its family OneConnect Network Xceleration solutions for the High Performance Networking (HPN) market. The new OneConnect (OC)e11000R Universal Converged Network Adapters (UCNAs) are based on a new XE4310R Ethernet controller, delivering a broad array of I/O connectivity solutions to address the needs of the changing data center.

Emulex is bringing its new family of OneConnect (OC)e12000 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) Network Xceleration solutions to market in partnership with Myricom, a high-performance, latency optimized Ethernet solutions provider for vertical market applications.

Emulex is offering the OneConnect Network Xceleration solutions targeted at specific vertical applications which leverage kernel bypass operations that reduce latency and transaction times in conjunction with the OCe12000 adapters, including FastStack DBL (financial trading) and FastStack Sniffer10G (cyber/network security).

FastStack DBL

The Emulex OCe12000 combined with FastStack DBL software delivers strong performance by accelerating UDP and TCP communication in HFT environments over industry-standard 10GbE network and IP protocols, and features:

  • Low latency performance: Delivers low latency, enabling faster transactional performance in HFT environments.

  • Broad platform support: Optimized for use on Linux and Windows operating system platforms that are broadly used in HFT environments.

  • Transparent acceleration: Superior performance while accelerating existing Linux and Windows sockets applications without modifications.

  • Flexible architecture: FastStack DBL can be combined with FastStack Sniffer10G to improve financial transaction performance and identify and address latencies that help optimize overall performance.

FastStack Sniffer10G

The Emulex OCe12000 combined with FastStack Sniffer10G software provides a cost-effective solution for network traffic capture, injection, and analysis for performance-sensitive and mission-critical market segments, such as network surveillance, monitoring and analysis, deep packet inspection (DPI), test and measurement, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) defense appliances. FastStack Sniffer10G includes the following features:

  • Lossless packet capture: FastStack Sniffer10G provides 100 percent lossless packet capture and packet injection for all Ethernet packet sizes on a 10GbE data stream. This line-rate performance enables more thorough inspection and better detection of threats for cyber security environments and further refinement of market models and trading software algorithms for HFT environments.

  • Improved multi-core utilization: FastStack Sniffer10G can distribute incoming packets over multiple CPU cores to not only improve CPU utilization, but also improve application performance through partitioning, duplication, and process sharing.

  • Increased bandwidth: Port aggregation allows network traffic from two or more ports from the same or different OCe12000 adapters.

  • Cloud multi-tenancy security SLAs: FastStack Sniffer10G helps cloud providers implement and track security policies in public cloud infrastructures to meet the demands of security service level agreements (SLAs) in multi-client environments.

More information is available at www.emulex.com.

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