New Unisys Mobile App Reveals Hidden Storage Inefficiencies, Costs

Free Storage Survey 2012 application enables IT executives to benchmark storage efficiency against peers and plot new ways to control costs.

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Unisys Corporation has released the Unisys Storage Survey 2012 mobile application to help mobile enterprise IT decision makers understand their storage environments and thus manage them more efficiently and cost effectively.

Users of the application answer a series of questions about key factors in the use and cost of their organizations’ information storage resources, including type of data stored on each tier, number of terabytes under management, amount managed by each full-time employee, number of storage providers, and expected growth in storage requirements, among others.

The Unisys application benchmarks the user’s answers against data generated by 200 clients of Unisys Storage Resource Analysis Service, part of Unisys Cloud Storage Advisory Services.

“Our research has shown that CIOs often don’t have an adequate grasp of how their data storage resources are being used and of the ways in which misuse is driving up costs,” said David Tierno, vice president, Storage Portfolio Management and Alliances, Unisys.

“That lack of knowledge can be dangerous at a time when ‘big data’ is emerging as a crucial business enabler. The new Unisys Storage Survey 2012 app gives IT executives a way to benchmark their storage use against that of comparable organizations. That way, they can begin formulating strategies to use their resources more efficiently, expose and remove hidden costs and risks, and begin investing in storage as a strategic business resource.”

The Unisys mobile app also provides access to information such as white papers, infographics, and research links to help users understand storage-related issues.

The application is available free of charge from the Apple App Store for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices; from Google Play for Android devices; and soon from the Unisys Storage Resource Analysis site for BlackBerry devices.

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