SmartBear Simplifies API Testing and Monitoring

Integrated solution bridging the devops divide; improves API life cycle quality and end-user experience.

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SmartBear Software has released API Complete that enables software developers, testers, and IT operations staff to test and monitor the quality of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Web services in an integrated and streamlined fashion.

API Complete helps organizations improve the quality of the increasing number of APIs and Web Services used in Web applications and sites, and can replace the fragmented approach currently used by separate development and operations teams.

Ian McLeod, executive vice president and chief product officer at SmartBear, explains that “the speed and availability of Web Services are a crucial component of the larger end-user experience delivered by Web applications but, until today, development and operations teams had to use disparate toolsets for testing and monitoring. Now, API Complete provides a unified DevOps approach to quality for cloud or mobile applications.”

API Complete combines soapUI, a popular API testing tool, loadUI for load testing, and AlertSite, SmartBear’s Web performance monitoring solution and global monitoring network into an integrated framework for API life cycle quality management. Using common test scripts and validation assets, API Complete helps development, IT operations, and e-commerce teams ensure that APIs are thoroughly tested pre-deployment and performing well for end users or business partners around the world once in production, improving efficiency and collaboration and lowering costs.

Web APIs are growing exponentially and are required for mobile and social applications, as well as for innovative forms of e-commerce that combine Web Services and contextual information to deliver a compelling user experience. To ensure their quality, it is critical to conduct meticulous functional and load testing during pre-deployment to identify and resolve problems early, as well as continuously monitor and regression test post-deployment to ensure ongoing quality of service and availability.

Unlike other fragmented API testing and monitoring solutions, SmartBear’s integrated API Complete:

  • Fosters collaboration among development, IT operations, and e-commerce teams for the testing and monitoring of APIs. When a monitor fails, the same transaction can be sent back to development or testing teams to investigate and remediate production issues in a process that frequently does not have a single business owner, and is difficult to duplicate in the field.

  • Is easy to use. Leveraging test scripts created for pre-deployment testing for production monitoring eliminates re-work and custom scripting. With more than 800,000 users worldwide, there is also a good chance development and testing teams are already using soapUI for API testing.

  • Enables control, visibility, and reproducibility into the performance of APIs that live in the “black box” of cloud-dependent and mobile applications.

  • Empowers companies to deliver superior experiences to end users and measure API performance and availability against contractual service-level agreements (SLAs) with business partners.

API Complete consists of the following products: soapUI, loadUI, and AlertSite. API Complete is available immediately. More information is available at

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