Viewfinity’s Privilege Management Release Raises Level of Manageability; Automation Reduces IT Burden

Automation solves policy proliferation, minimizes the time and cost of managing privileges, enables IT to increase the number of standard users without disruption.

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Viewfinity, a provider of privilege management solutions, is now shipping Viewfinity Privilege Management 4.0, a major upgrade to the company’s flagship product. With this release, enterprises have a new, automated approach for managing rights and privileges for standard users on Windows endpoints and servers.

Viewfinity’s new, intelligent automation identifies commonly needed privileges across the entire user base within an organization and automatically aggregates privilege needs, then creates a single policy to address the common need for a collective group of users. This containment of policy proliferation results in enormous time, cost, and management savings. Another major announcement in this release is Viewfinity’s least privilege control for data.

Administrator rights expose an enterprise to potential vulnerabilities. Removal of these rights helps IT reduce the likelihood that malicious code will damage Windows system files.

“IT professionals agree that removing administrative rights is a smart practice for reducing security risks, and yet they know there must be a better way to deal with the productivity disruptions,” said Leonid Shtilman, CEO and co-founder of Viewfinity.

“Organizations that have removed administrator rights needed an automated method for controlling the number of policies being created so they can reduce policy proliferation and its associated increased workload. We’ve drastically improved our product to take the burden off IT by automating many of the steps needed to setup policies to manage privileges. These measures enable IT to increase the number of standard users without interrupting productivity.”

Viewfinity’s 4.0 version helps IT better manage endpoints with an automated approach to privilege management that reduces the number of policies in an environment by an order of magnitude.

"With our newest software release, there is no reason to grant users administrator rights," said Gil Rapaport, president and co-founder of Viewfinity. “Version 4.0 provides organizations with the ability to implement fully transparent, automatic privilege management, raising endpoint protection through privilege management to a low maintenance, fundamental, and necessary layer of security.”

Viewfinity’s privilege control for data provides the much-needed ability to implement least privileges at the data level by elevating or reducing privileges and permissions on folders, files, and shares. Additionally, features are mapped to support compliance mandates and provides greater compliance reporting through a dedicated reporting section addressing SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FDCC, and other industry compliance requirements.

These reports provide for easy access to and the delivery of pertinent information to risk management professionals. Viewfinity’s Video Audit feature provides an option to capture a screen-recorded video of end-user and privileged user activity based on a particular application or policy.

Viewfinity Privilege Management 4.0 GA is now available. More information is available at

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